Do you like to listen to certain types of music at certain times of year?

anonymous asked:

I don’t mean the obvious - Christmas carols in December, or beach music in July.

I mean just all-purpose music - do you find yourself listening to some artists at certain times of year?

I’m OLD, so this will skew that way. But, for example, The Kink Kronikles album is a favorite in fall for me. The Byrds, and lots of folk music, I seem to associate with spring or summer. The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street and the Clash’s Combat Rock are good summer discs. U2’s Achtung Baby and Zooropa are good for me to listen to in the car on a cold winter’s night.

Maybe when the record first came out, or when I first heard it, determine this for me. But not in all cases.

So do you have favorite music for favorite times . . . or places? (There are also some records I love, but would never play in the car. I want something different when I’m driving!)

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Trying to find a music video?

itsrainingmusic asked:

There’s a folk music video I’ve been trying to find again. I can’t remember the name of the song or artist but in the video a man with glasses is biking on the highway, later through a park. It ends with a choir randomly singing to him. The song’s theme is not taking time to smell the roses. Any ideas??
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Anyone know any latin artists?


It’s a homework assignment I first need to have the artists name and what kind of latin music do they sing????
Example: Rocio Durcal— Mexican Folk Music
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Mellow folk music artists suggestions?

gunsnake asked:

I’m a fan of music by Bob Dylan, Neil young, Simon & Garfunkel (somewhat), Billy Bragg….

Any suggestions for someone new?

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Music recommendations? (Folk artists)?

Lisa Mitchell asked:

I’ve been listening to a folk artist recently called City & Colour (ie Dallas Green) and I really love his style of music. I was wondering if someone might know any artists/groups who make similar and equally lovely music.

Thank you for your time!

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Music from India–who are the best folk artists?

mmaxinya asked:

I love the sounds of lots of eastern music, most especially Indian. I don’t know any vocalists or skillful musicians (not pop music, more folk)?

Also, what are the players in an Indian band called? Isn’t the woman singer called something special?

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What are Greek bands/artists that make experimental folk music?

bombacı mülayim asked:

i post a similar question in Turkey section. if you are confused of the genre of experimental folk music, have a look at there. i am looking for your answers.
ok. title “experimental folk” mat be wrong, but you understood what i am looking for, right? :)

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Folk Music Artists ?

$oCC3R MaNiaC asked:

Anyone listen to folk music?
I know
Dino Merlin
Halid Beslic
Mostar Sevdah Reunion
Goran Bregovic
Zeljko Bebek
Alen Islamovic
Manu chao
..mostly artists from my country
anyone know any good folk artists from around the world

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Can anyone please tell me some good scottish/irish folk music or artists?

Gracey asked:

I really like fiddle music too, im only young but me and my dad saw a music show on the bbc about a year ago and i fell in love with the music on it, really beautiful! I think it was on bbc 4, and it was scottish and irish folk music. can anyone help me by telling me some good songs or artists in the genre of music? thanks!

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What are some of the best folk music artists out there?

Lavender asked:

I’m into people like Patty Griffin and Inara George. Can you suggest any similiar artists?

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What are some good Celtic Folk Music Artists?

foolishsk8er asked:

Ok, I’ve recently discovered my love for Celtic Folk music, just the sounds of the fiddling and flutes and banjo all meshed into a simplistic yet beautiful sound makes me feel like life is good, but the problem is I can’t distinguish between good artists or bad ones so any good suggestion?

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Do you think folk and country music are essentially the same?

butchy asked:

I certainly don’t think so, but it seems that a lot of people do. If you look in cd stores, for example, they have all of the folk artists (eg Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie) under country.

Also, on this very site, there is no section for folk music.

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What are some good indie/acoustic/folk artists? Peaceful music?

randomperson517 asked:

My favorites are Priscilla Ahn, Ron Pope, Ray Lamontagne, Iron and Wine. Thanks :)

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